man asleep on his left side using a bumper belt to reduce his snoring and sleep apnea


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young mom sleeping on her side using a bumper belt to stop snoring and sleep apnea

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I presented a dental sleep medicine conference and there should be no question, when folks see the research, of how important a role positional therapy places in the management of OSA. Rematee does a great job of keeping you on your side.

Dr. Daniel Tache - Wisconsin, USA


Not everyone needs CPAP and many can't tolerate it. For the last three years, I've treated patients with positional apnea and snoring by correcting their sleeping position. Using a Rematee Bumper Belt can often provide a great amount of relief.

Dr. Alan Hoffman - BC, Canada


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man in University Hospital sleep lab testing how lateral and supine body position impact his OSA sleep apnea and snoring
Sean is the creator or rematee anti snore bumper belt and side sleeping solutions with family phone in Montreal Quebec

The Founder (snorer)

heavy man using Expandable Bumper Belt size XL to sleep on his side and reduce his snoring

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