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sleeping on your SIDE with Rematee Bumper Belt.

Inflate Bumpers & Adjust Straps

For the best results wear your Bumper Belt loose and up high

Pillows keep you comfortable on your side

Neutral Side Sleeping

Stay comfortable on your side Add a pillow under your elbow Keep a pillow between your knees

Front Sleeping

Stay comfortable on your front Use a thin pillow for your head Use a pillow to raise your feet

Half & Half Sleeping

Find your preferred position Add pillows to support your arms and legs. Get comfortable and stay off your back while you sleep.

Doctors Trust Rematee

I presented a dental sleep medicine conferance and there should be no question, when folks see the research, of how important a role positional therapy places in the management of OSA. Rematee does a great job of keeping you on your side.

– Dr. Daniel Taché, DMD | TMJ Treatment Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

Not everyone needs CPAP and many can't tolerate it. For the last three years, I've treated paitents with positional apnea and snoring by correcting their sleeping position. Using a Rematee Bumper Belt can often provide a great amount of relief.

– Dr. Alan Hoffman, PhD, MD, FRCPCP, FCCP | Pacific Sleep Disorders Clinic in Nanaimo, BC, Canada

The Science of Side Sleeping

Rematee is portable, easy to use, and provides positional support for a variety of needs!

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Clinically Proven

Published Research Studies show that sleeping on your side with positional therapy is effective at reducing snoring and sleep apnea.