The saga for a good sleep

My name is Sean.  I am in my mid forties and I got my first exposure to how bad my snoring was in 1999 when my partner woke me up complaining that I was snoring so loud she could not sleep.  My snoring is worse when I sleep on my back.  Asking her to wear earplugs didn't help.  At first I thought snoring was a trivial issue, but with neither of us getting much sleep it became impossible to ignore. 

At the age of 22 I did my first sleep study at Montreal's Mount Sinai Hospital.  I was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea and 157 apnea interruptions in 8hrs of sleep. I stopped breathing for up to a minute long but fortunately my oxygen levels did not decrease significantly.  I was recommended three therapeutic options:  CPAP Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, Dental appliance or surgery.

The first two were prohibitively expensive and the side effects of surgery concerned me.  At the time I had no health insurance so I tried to ignore the issue. 

Three years later and now living on the West Coast in Vancouver, BC I had a better job and health insurance. My snoring and sleep apnea continued to be an issue.  I decided to visit the sleep doctor again. I attended the University of British Columbia's (UBC) Sleep Disorders Clinic,  received the same diagnosis, and the same three recommendations.

I purchased and desperately tried to sleep with a CPAP but could not tolerate the mask even with minimal pressure.  I purchased a $2,500 custom oral appliance but within a few months I stopped from the pain of TMJ.

During a routine dental visit my dentist told me that I was grinding my teeth and suggested I purchase an oral night guard.  The dentist mentioned teeth grinding can be linked with Sleep Apnea and suggested I ''sleep on my side with a tennis ball''.  That day I mcgivered the first prototype t-shirt using duct tape and a tennis ball.  I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed from enjoying the best sleep in many years.  In September 2007 and after a year of product iterations I launched 

Almost fifteen years later nearly 2,000 sleep centers, sleep-doctors and sleep-dentists regularly use Rematee to treat their patients' apnea. The Anti-Snore Shirt and Bumper Belt provide enough lateral resistance to prevent you from rolling onto your back. 

My experience and awareness of the saga to enjoy a great sleep has encouraged me to help others and bring more awareness to simple remedies everyone can benefit from.

Positional therapy works. Before investing thousands of dollars in expensive therapies, try sleeping on your side.  If you notice an improvement you'll know to keep trying.

If you any questions please call or email, we would love to hear from.  

Sean Kerklaan, Creator
Favorite Quote: ''Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone'' - Anthony Burgess