Tips for sleeping comfortably on your side

We believe a healthy mindset is necessary to succeed with positional therapy.   By preparing yourself with a healthy mindset, your body can adapt and enjoy all the benefits of side sleeping.

If you snore or have a diagnosed sleep apnea that is improved by side sleeping, then you are in the right place to find an anti-snoring solution.

When we began in 2007, with our Rematee Bumper Belt.  A “Canadian Made” solution for people who need help to remain on their side while sleeping.

Although we use 'belt' in our product names, it is meant to be worn across your chest, not your waist. It works great for all genders, with a casual and comfortable fit, but not too loose or it will not function as designed.  It's a sleeping garment that aids your efforts to treat your positional sleep apnea. It is likely to take at least a few days for your body to tell you how it's feeling while using our belt. So please be patient and listen attentively to your body.

It's perfectly normal for your first morning to be a moment of reflection. You may have some minor aches and pains, this is a new way to sleep, so please relax and let our Belt do the work for you. The minor aches and pains will go away in most people as your body adjusts to actually sleeping well each night with a new garment. All you have to do is try it out for at least 2 weeks, recommended 3-4 weeks. Most people report that by 2 weeks they had made their own personal adjustments to getting a better sleep and they settle into improving their health by the simple act of getting a good sleep.


I learned a simple trick back in 2009 about the power of a positive mindset.  While asleep your brain controls your movements, body position, your desire to visit the bathroom or flip flop around.  Preparing your mind and body for a great sleep on-your-side in a Rematee will help you adapt and overcome most body discomfort. 

 I benefit from a nightly 1-2 minute meditation for my brain.  Here is what I do: 

When ready to go to sleep, you have the belt on your body, sit on the side of the bed, close your eyes, silently tell your brain that you are in control and you're listening to the bumpers!

You are helping your body adjust to side sleeping and staying off your back.  You may need to do this meditation each night for several months. I found that this meditation allowed me to relax and ACCEPT I was making a change to improved health. This meditation has helped thousands of people with a simple mindset change. This should not be overlooked. It's simple and resets your brain to a command you've given it. But it is only one part of the wonderful journey you are on. 

Tip: In the morning, cross your arms in front, flip the whole belt over your head just like a t-shirt. Resume by reversing at bedtime.

Tip: Get comfy with pillows: 

  • Getting a good side sleeping position with a knee pillow helps balance your hips and provide more comfort for the legs. Give yourself time and space to make this important, affordable change to your sleeping health.
  • Use a thick pillow in front of your chest to support your upper arm.
  • A formed side sleeping pillow can be helpful, but not necessary. 

Tip: Neutral Side-Sleeping Position Neck, shoulder & knee support

Stomach-Sleeping Position Neck and ankle support

Half-Frontal Position Neck, knee, hip and chest support

To Switch Sides With Rematee First roll onto your stomach, then roll onto the opposite side

Tip: A medium firm mattress will provide adequate support to keep you body comfortable on-your-side all night. 



Tip for women:  please know that this is not a bra-like device.   Bumper belts can be worn against your skin or on top your favorite pj. 

Time to adjust: Once you've found your right fit, please give yourself at least two weeks of wearing the belt each night to get comfortable and adjust to learning to sleeping on your side. 

Washing Instructions: 

- Bumper belts can be washing in hot or cold water.  We recommend washing your belt inside a wash pouch to protect your clothing from the Velcro. 

- Anti Snore T-Shirts should be washed in hot water and a hot dryer.  This helps reset the cotton material to it's original size and shape.  The t-shirt works best with a snug fit.