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2,000 Sleep Specialists trust Rematee to keep you sleeping ON YOUR SIDE

Doctor Testimonials

"I have a dental appliance for sleep apnea, which helps but isn't enough by itself. A Rematee cut my remaining apneas by 97%, effectively eliminating the problem. It's a bargain and the customer service has been top notch. I'm a customer for life."   Dr. C. Frische - Seattle


"I found the device is very comfortable, and there have been episodes where I have been able to combine it with other therapies I've done. It's very easy to use and it works well."  Dr. Thomas F. Phelps


"I really believe in positional therapy. My patients seem to do very well sleeping on their sides. It reduces their AHI to practically 0. Rematee is comfortable, and it works."  Dr. Arie Oksenberg


Customer Testimonials

"Thank you for your prompt -- and helpful -- reply.
I appreciate this product and am positively impressed with your service" S Rostron - Boise, ID

"Thank you, the new belt and the shoulder straps have made the world of difference. Your support is greatly appreciated."
David Gouws - Atkinson, NH

"I used a CPAP machine for well over ten years. I disliked using it as much as most people. The hardest thing for me was, because my husband is such a light sleeper, we had to use separate bedrooms. 

Last March we had a big vacation planned and I was determined to find an alternative to the machine while we were traveling. Research online led me to the Rematee Bumper Belt. I had tremendous support from Carli in ordering the belt. On top of that she made invaluable suggestions for our trip as we would be vacationing in an area she knows very well.The belt was a huge success on the trip and I continued to use it once we were home again. I had my sleep apnea doctor schedule a sleep study. We just met to go over the results and she was as amazed as I was delighted! We compared the results to the study one year ago which used my CPAP machine and the bumper belt won hands down! In fact I did not snore once all night. She pronounced me CURED! My husband and I are ecstatic. Thank you Rematee!" A. Cowan, Ontario, Canada

"The Rematee Bumper Belt works great. It's perfect for sleeping, it makes no noise (unlike my old CPAP) and you don't even know you have it on. Great product." Kevin Jacques - Montreal, QC

"I only snore when I sleep on my back. I tried sewing a tennis ball into a t-shirt but that hurt and didn't really work. Then I found the Rematee Bumper Belt (size Medium) and it worked! Rematee is the only solution I've found that comfortably holds me on my side all night. I purchased a second Bumper Belt today - (size Large) for my husband. He's been stealing mine lately and I want it back." S Taylor - Bloomington, IN

"I want to thank you for creating your Bumper Belt, it has changed my life! I now only wear your Belt which helps me remain on my side all night and I am sleeping much better. Thank you!"
S. Sanderson - Toronto, ON