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Inflatable Bumpers

Inflatable Bumpers

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Find the perfect fit for your best sleep and stay - On Your Side all night -

No more fidgeting or fussing trying to inflate your bumpers with a tiny inflatable valve.  Super Easy One touch valve for quick inflating and deflating. 

Just remove bumpers and wash your belt or roll it up and pack it in your suite case. 

Designed for your comfort and convenience, each Bumper is designed for maximum strength, plush comfort and a quick vale for easy packing. 

- Easy Valve Inflates with one breath 
- Leak proof welded seams
- Strong Black cold resistant PVC
- Shipped in a recyclable kraft envelop

- The Diameter of each Inflatable Bumper is 3.5'' (or) 4.5'' (or) 5.5''
- The height of each piece is 4'' tall plus 
- The height of the Jumbo Inflatables are 8'' tall plus 1'' on the rounded ends 



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