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rematee anti snore pullover back view
rematee anti snore pullover man sleeping side view
rematee pullover line drawing
rematee anti snore pullover open pocket with 3 inflatables
rematee pulloever front chest view adjustable band
anti snore pullover side view with inflatables
Anti Snore Inflatable Bumpers with close up valve
Anti Snore pulloever line drawing with open pocket
Anti Snore pullover sizing chart


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The Pullover makes side sleeping comfortable

  • 200% larger inflatables provides greater support to suite any body size 
  • Single pocket zips closed with individual sleeves for each Bumper
  • Easy blow valves make inflate and deflate easy 

Everything you need is Included: 

The Pullover Belt with Inflatable Bumpers

Travel/Wash Bag

Protected with our 1 Year warranty and a 30 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee