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How To Use Rematee

Shoulder Strap Assembly

How To Inflate A Bumper

Rematee Product Assembly Instructions

To assemble your belt, insert the inflated bumpers into the pockets on the back of the belt. Then attach the shoulder straps to the velcro on the front of the belt.

Your bumper belt fastens on the front of your chest with velcro. Your belt should be worn high and loose around your chest.

How To Sleep With Rematee

1. Neutral Side-Sleeping Position Neck, shoulder & knee support

2. Stomach-Sleeping Position Neck and ankle support

3. Half-Frontal Position Neck, knee, hip and chest support

4. To Switch Sides With Rematee First roll onto your stomach, then roll onto the opposite side

Medical Insurance Coverage

Rematee products are an out-of-pocket expense. However, you may be eligible for reimbursement for your Rematee purchase from your medical insurance provider. For more information on how to claim reimbursement, please click here.