Anti Snore T-Shirt Sizing Chart

Find the perfect size for your comfort and a great night sleep


Non-returnable - No 30-day Guarantee: Rematee Anti Snore T-Shirts are FINAL-SALE items and are NOT COVERED by our 30-Day Guarantee.

Anti-Snore Bumper T-Shirts are a popular for those customers who are seeking a loose fitting type of garment. The Bumpers keep you side sleeping just like our Bumper Belt. Many customers buy both the t-shirt and our bumper belt so they are never without our sleep aid devices when visiting second homes or cabins in the summer.

For better value and greater effect, we recommend our adjustable Rematee Bumper Belt. With adjustable Velcro straps and 5 sizes to choose from, providing a more comfortable, longer lasting and more effective support.