How Does Side-Sleeping Help My Sleep Apnea?

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What is Positional Therapy

For many people, their symptoms are worst, or only present, when sleeping "supine" (on their back). For many people, their symptoms are reduced or eliminated when sleeping on their side.  Side-sleeping helps to naturally counteract the effect of gravity so you continue to breathe comfortably while asleep.

Sleeping on your side can help with:

  • Snoring
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Pregnancy: maintaining specific sleep position
  • Post Surgical Recovery: when sleeping on the back is not recommended 
Tips & Tricks best practices putting it on/taking it off. 
- Wear the belt loose around your chest.
- Keep the shoulder straps snug. The shoulder straps will hold your belt in place. 
- Assemble and attach both shoulder straps to your desired comfort. 
- Once you find a comfortable fit try to keep the same setting night after night. 
- An easy trick is to get in & out of your Belt by pulling it on over your head.   
- When traveling or washing the Belt, leave the Velcro belt and shoulder straps attached and just remove the inflatables.  This will preserve your comfort settings and make it easy to get ready for bedtime. 

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