Dragons Den to Ecommerce-Lessons Learned Pitching on CBC TV

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From Dragons Den to Ecommerce: Lessons I Learned Pitching on CBC National TV

Are you a budding entrepreneur with a brilliant idea? Have you ever thought of pitching your business to a group of investors on national television? I did, and it was quite an experience!

Back in 2008, I went on CBC's Dragons Den to pitch my anti-snore shirt, the Rematee. I was nervous and excited, hoping to secure an investment from one of the dragons. But alas, it was not meant to be. The dragons didn't invest, and I was left with a humbling experience.

However, the best lesson I learned is that any media can be good media. Even though I didn't get an investment, my pitch got a lot of laughs, and CBC reran it multiple times over the next few years. Each time it aired, my website sales would spike. The free media and press coverage created brand awareness and helped me make sales, even without the dragons' investment.

So, if you're thinking of going on a show like Dragons Den, remember that even if you don't secure funding, the media coverage and exposure can be worth it in the long run. And who knows? You might just get a few laughs and some lessons learned along the way.

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