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The Most Misunderstood And Often Overlooked Treatment For Sleep Apnea

If you've recently been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, you've probably been told to prevent sleeping on your back,  reduce weight, eat healthy, and exercise. Everyone is aware of this. Another big no-no is drinking alcohol before bedtime since it weakens your throat muscles. Avoid resting on your back is one option discussed only informally. This is due to the fact that lying on your back causes your tongue and soft tissues in your throat to fall back more severely. There are Products for Sleeping on Your Side, When you combine muscle relaxation with deeper degrees of sleep, you will either snort or cease breathing entirely (called an apnea). Sleep studies consistently show that sleeping on your back can result in...

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Free Technology Tools Help You Learn More About Your Sleep

Exploring the Sounds of Sleep: How Technology Can Illuminate Your Sleep Patterns.  Have you ever been curious about the sound of your snoring or the nature of sleep apnea gasps? Understanding and quantifying these sleep disruptions is not only intriguing but also vital for evaluating sleep therapy effectiveness. While a partner may notice these disturbances, quantifying them can be challenging. This is where the power of audio recording steps in – it's a simple yet effective tool to gauge your sleep health. In our latest blog post, we delve into how leveraging free technology tools can offer insightful revelations about your sleep. By recording and analyzing your sleep sounds, you can establish a baseline of your snoring patterns and observe...

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