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Anti Snore Tshirt back view 3 inflatable bumpers
Anti Snore T-shirt in blue back view 3 inflatable bumpers
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If you struggle to sleep on your side, the Anti Snore T-shirt can help you remain comfortable and asleep on your side all night.  Sleeping on your side can help reduce snoring and sleep apnea.   Wear your Anti Snore T-shirt as a pyjama or overtop of your favourite pj. 

Inflatable Bumpers come in different sizes to match each t-shirt size. Quickly deflate bumpers for easy compact travel and remove the bumpers for washing. 

Adjust each inflatable bumper to your preferred comfort.  Don't deflate the bumpers too much or they become flat and will not function as designed. 

Remove bumpers from each pocket and wash your Rematee regularly. 

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Our Guarantee: Covered by 1 year product warranty

We want you to enjoy a great sleep on your side.  After trying your t-shirt for a week or two and if you are not completely happy we offer one-free-exchange to try a style or a different size Rematee product.  T-shirts are final sale and can not be returned.