Solutions for Sleep Apnea With Rematee Bumper Belt

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Side Sleeping Solutions for Snoring and Sleep Apnea: Introducing the Rematee Bumper Belt

Many of us are plagued by snoring and sleep apnea.  As a matter of fact, it is reported that over half of all people over the age of 50 have a problem with snoring. Snoring can occur when your airway collapses onto itself. The back of your throat naturally starts to vibrate contributing to snoring.  In some cases, the airway closes up completely, and the sleeper may stop breathing altogether. This worst-case scenario is called sleep apnea. 

Effects of Sleep Apnea

Oftentimes, you will wake up gasping for air. Snoring and sleep apnea can lead to decreased oxygen levels in the blood, and sometimes even brain damage, high blood pressure or heart failure. Researchers are investigating the possible connection between sleep apnea and Alzheimer's . The gold standard and most common treatment for sleep apnea is CPAP.  CPAP machines can cost thousands of dollars, and require regular maintenance. If you can not tolerate CPAP and need assistance while you sleep to remain on-your-side the Rematee bumper belt comes to the rescue.

The Best Way to Change Your Sleeping Position

Positional therapy can dramatically improve your sleep quality, reduce your snoring and help reduce sleep apnea. Inflatable bumpers on the back of the belt  provide a simple and natural solution.  Sleeping on your side can help reduce the likelihood of your airway from collapsing compared to sleeping on your back. 

The Rematee bumper belt is a unique and revolutionary positional device used to treat snoring and sleep-related breathing disorders. Thousands of Sleep Doctors and Sleep Dentists recommend the Rematee bumper belts to their patients and often will use Rematee conjunction with CPAP and/or OSA oral appliances. 

Sourcing the best bumper belt for sleep apnea

You can stop snoring and reduce the effects of sleep apnea with the help of Rematee’s Bumper Belt.  If you struggle to remain asleep on your side, the Bumper Belt is perfect for you.  The bumper belt for snoring and sleep apnea will help you remain on your side all through the night.  Sleeping on your side can reduce snoring and sleep apnea.  Wear the belt over a shirt, pajamas or directly against the skin.  Each belt includes Inflatable Bumpers, it's easy to wash and compact to travel with. Quickly deflate bumpers for easy compact travel. You can adjust each inflatable bumper to your preferred comfort levels.  Don't deflate the bumpers too much or they become flat and will not function as designed. Remove the bumpers from each pocket and wash your Rematee belt in a gentle cycle. Everything you need to get started using  your bumper belt for snoring and sleep apnea is included in the package, including the magical belt, adjustable straps and large inflatables bumpers all designed to provide great lateral sleeping support.

Rest assured, the bumper belt for snoring and sleep apnea - also known as sleep apnea belt - prevents snoring caused by sleeping in the wrong supine position or on your back. The bumper belt will help patients who snore or suffer from obstructive sleep apnea if they commonly sleep on their backs.  Wear the bumper belt at night to prevent yourself rolling from the side to the back.

The Rematee bumper belt for snoring and sleep apnea is the perfect solution for anyone struggling with snoring and/sleeping problems. Don’t hesitate to order yours online today at

Say goodbye to snoring forever with the Rematee belt.