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Love Your Sleep

Is Snoring and Sleep Apnea ruining your life? You deserve a great sleep. Take the leap, try sleeping on your side and wake up feeling refreshed each morning. Sleep soundly, without snoring and your partner will love sharing a bed with you.


Adjust each bumper to your preferred comfort level, and quickly deflate them for easy travel.


You will love your new sleep.


Treat yourself to sleep comfortably on your side and enjoy sleeping again.  Designed for your comfort and connivence with everything you will need.

Size Guide

Less than 150lbs: Size Medium 

-> fits chest between 24'' - 35'' 

-> includes two inflatable bumpers


Less than 175lbs: Size Large 

-> fits chest between 35'' - 40'' 

-> includes three inflatable bumpers


Greater than 175lbs: Size XL 

-> fits chest between 40'' - 55'' 

-> includes three inflatable bumpers

More Info

Introducing the Rematee Pullover - the solution to comfortable side sleeping. If you struggle to sleep on your side, our Pullover can help you stay comfortable and asleep all night. Sleeping on your side has been shown to reduce snoring and sleep apnea, so you can rest easy knowing you're taking care of your health.


Wear our Pullover on its own or over your favorite pajamas. Our inflatable bumpers come in different sizes to match your body size and quickly deflate for easy travel.


Adjust each bumper to your preferred comfort. But be careful not to deflate them too much, or they won't function as designed.

Removing the bumpers from each pocket and washing your Rematee is easy - just use a gentle cycle.

Our Pullover is perfect for side sleeping and is often preferred by female clients. The single pocket zips closed with individual sleeves for each bumper, and easy blow valves make inflating and deflating a breeze.


We've included everything you need in our package, including the Pullover Belt, inflatable bumpers, a travel and wash pouch, and 200% larger inflatables to provide even greater support.


Our guarantee is simple - we want you to enjoy a great sleep on your side. After trying the Pullover for a week or two, if you're not completely happy, we offer a one-free-exchange to try a different size or style or a full refund. Plus, our product is covered by a 1-year warranty, so you can rest easy knowing you're making a good investment in your sleep health.


Order your Rematee Pullover today and start sleeping comfortably on your side!

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