Sleep Tracking with Oxygen Monitor Ring-Side Sleep Benefits

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Measure health benefits of side sleeping, use a Oxygen monitor ring


Sleep is crucial for both our physical and mental well-being. Unfortunately, snoring and sleep apnea can disrupt sleep and negatively impact our health. Thankfully, there are many strategies available to reduce snoring and improve sleep quality, including sleeping on your side.

Although sleeping on your side can be uncomfortable and challenging to maintain, the Rematee Bumper Belt is a tool that can help. This belt is worn around the waist and has adjustable straps that hold the body in a lateral position, preventing rolling onto the back, a common position for snorers.

The benefits of sleeping on your side go beyond reducing snoring. Studies have shown that sleeping on your side can improve breathing, reduce acid reflux, and enhance circulation. 

Sleeping on your side can also have emotional benefits, with individuals who sleep in this position reporting feeling more rested and energized in the morning. If you want to measure the benefits of sleeping on your side, technology such as a continuous oxygen monitor ring like the 02Ring sold by Getwellue can be useful. This device measures oxygen levels in your blood and helps track your progress.

By using the Rematee Bumper Belt and a continuous oxygen monitor ring, you can maintain the lateral position throughout the night and track your progress. With these tools, you can significantly reduce snoring and sleep apnea, leading to better quality sleep without invasive treatments or medications. O2 Oxygen monitor rign

One of our customers decided to try the Rematee Bumper Belt to reduce his snoring and sleep apnea. He used the 02Ring from Getwellue to measure the results, and after just a few nights, his snoring decreased, oxygen levels improved, and the quality of his sleep increased.

O2ring continuous oxygen monitor


If you're looking for a non-invasive and effective way to reduce snoring and sleep apnea, the Rematee Bumper Belt could be an excellent option. Improve your sleep quality, and ultimately, your overall well-being.



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