5 Best Pillows for Side Sleeping and Avoid Snoring

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5 Pillows Designed for Side Sleeping, help reduce snoring and sleep apnea

Choosing the right pillow to sleep on your side can make a world of difference in your comfort and health. Your pillow should be thick enough to support your head and keep your spine in a straight, neutral position. In this blog post, we provide a review of the top five pillows for side sleeping based on several factors, such as design, comfort, price, and shipping availability.

When making your decision, be aware of the shipping cost, which can sometimes be exorbitant, and read the return policy carefully to avoid any hidden costs. The market for side sleeping pillows is crowded, and it can be challenging to decipher which one is the best for you. Thus, we recommend taking a simple approach and evaluating your needs to find the side sleeping pillow that best fits your body shape, size, sleeping arrangements, and comfort requirements.

Consider several factors, including your budget, climate, whether you'll buy online or in a physical store, the size of your bed, physical space for a large pillow, and any physical restrictions or limitations that may affect your ability to sleep on your side. Long-term maintenance and wash-ability should also be part of your research when considering a preferred side sleeping pillow. A pillow with a removable and washable pillowcase, such as the Memory Foam Pillow with Arm Hole for side sleeping, is a wise choice.

Ergonomics and comfort are essential factors in your success. For example, the moon-shaped pillow offers excellent body ergonomics and provides support between your knees while wrapping in front of your body to support your upper arm and elbow, making it a great full body side sleeping pillow, particularly for women during pregnancy.

Some pillows, such as the C-shaped pregnancy pillow promoted by Wayfair or the Shoulder Pillow - Memory Foam relief for side sleepers by Brookstone, offer unique benefits for particular situations. The Inspire Uplift, which is similar to the full body pillow but only half the size, is an ergonomic comfort pillow that provides lateral support and comfort at a low price.

Shipping costs are a crucial consideration since pillows can be bulky, and shipping costs can easily exceed the pillow's price. Review the return policy carefully to ensure that you can return your pillow for a refund without incurring significant shipping costs. Your preference for a hot or cold sleep environment is also vital to your long-term success, and the Polar Tropic Pillow is an excellent option for maintaining a comfortable body temperature.

According to SleepFoundation.org's research in 2022, side sleepers typically require a medium to high loft pillow that is at least 4 inches thick to keep their head, neck, and spine in proper alignment. The Hush Hybrid pillow has been my personal favorite for the last six years, as it provides excellent cushioning and comfort, even though it is not specifically marketed for side sleeping. Everyone has unique sleep preferences, and finding the perfect pillow takes time, so don't hesitate to try different shapes and sizes.

Remember to purchase a side sleeping pillow with a washable pillowcase, and when traveling, ask hotel staff for an extra pillow or two. Pillow selection is crucial to achieving a comfortable and refreshing sleep, and sleeping on your side can help you breathe easier, reduce snoring and sleep apnea, and wake up feeling refreshed. If your pillow starts to shrink or become uncomfortable, try another one to measure your sleep success and monitor it over time. In conclusion, take your time to find the perfect pillow and don't give up too early, as everyone deserves a great sleep.


    While doing your research, consider the longer term maintenance and wash-ability of your preferred side sleeping pillow.  We recommend a pillow with a removable and washable pillow case - like this Memory Foam Pillow with Arm Hole for side sleeping - https://a.co/d/1vfOvWL


    Wayfair promotes a C Shaped pregnancy pillow with removable pillow case and if you have enough space in your bed this can be a comfortable choice. 

    Bob Vila has this fantastic looking pillow we would love to try.  

    bob vila side sleeping pillow Empire S3


    Brookstone promotes a unique Shoulder Pillow - Memory Foam relief for side sleepers - link

    side sleeping pillow for side sleeper and relief from surgery and shoulder pain

    We give this one 5 Stars for this ergonomic comfort pillow the Inspire Uplift.  Similar to the full body, but only half the size and nothing to mess with between your knees.  At only $29, this pillow is a great deal. 

    Ergonomic Comfort Pillow

    Final thoughts to consider: does UPS, FedEx and DHL deliver to your home?  Pillows can be bulky and shipping costs can easily be more than the pillow.  Give extra thought to the return policies and make sure you can return your pillow for a refund without having to spend $100 shipping the bulky pillow back. 

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