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What is Rematee?

Rematee is the simplest and most effective positional solution for snoring and sleep apnea. Our bumper belts are designed to keep patients sleeping on their side. This counteracts gravity and keeps the airway from collapsing, hence eliminating snoring and apnea episodes.

How does Rematee work?

Rematee is made of Neoprene and fastens around the chest with durable Velcro. On the back of the belt, inflatable bumpers fit into our patented pocket system and keep patients sleeping comfortably on their side. Shoulder straps keep the belt in place and allow customers to wear their belt high and loose. Its easy to use, comfortable, and best of all, it works!
What is included in my order?

Every order includes:

Doctor Testimonials

"I have a dental appliance for sleep apnea, which helps but isn't enough by itself. A Rematee cut my remaining apneas by 97%, effectively eliminating the problem. It's a bargain and the customer service has been top notch. I'm a customer for life."
Dr. C. Frische Seattle

"I found the device is very comfortable, and there have been episodes where I have been able to combine it with other therapies I've done. It's very easy to use and it works well."
Dr. Gregory T. Ackroyd, MD, Graduate of Ross University, Roseau, Dominica
Works at North Bay Sleep Medicine Institute in Santa Rosa, California, USA

"I really believe in positional therapy. My patients seem to do very well sleeping on their sides. It reduces their AHI to practically 0. Rematee is comfortable, and it works."
Dr. Thomas F. Phelps, Graduate of Meharry Medicine College (Nashville, TN, USA)
Works in a private practice in Tullahoma, Tennessee, USA

"If you increase your weight and you're a positional Sleep Apnea patient, you will become nonpositinal. If you are non-positional and you decrease your weight, then you have a great chance of becoming a positional patient, and use a device like Rematee to keep you sleeping on your side. "
Dr. Arie Oksenberg

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