Contour Sidesleeping Head Pillow


Contour Sidesleeping Head Pillow

Rematee's Contour Pillow is a recommended accessory for side-sleeping. Our Anti-Snore Bumper Belt will keep you comfortably sleeping on your side. Trusted by over 1,700 sleep doctors worldwide as the #1 positional solution for snoring and sleep apnea.

Recommended accessory for side-sleeping

Three foam layers for ultimate comfort - two layers of support foam plus a top layer of memory foam.

Exclusive contour shape and crescent cutout design cradles and supports the natural contours of your head, neck, shoulders and back to eliminate neck, shoulder and back strain.

Ribbed surface allows air to circulate while quickly adjusting to your body temperature.

Includes removable machine-washable cover which is custom-sewn to fit the shape of your Contour Cloud Pillow, including tapered edge for the neck, cut-out.

Covered by our one-year warranty
NOT COVERED by our 30-day Guarantee
Comes included in our Comfort Combo, and Deluxe Combo