Diary of a Snorer #1

Diary of a Snorer #1

Hi there, you are just the person I wanted to talk to about our simple yet effective bumper belt. Who knew that a young guy who snored would invent something that is easy to use and affordable?

It's a simple idea, but amazing design.

Rematee Bumper Belt fits comfortably across your chest and our design is meant to have your air filled bumpers residing just below the shoulder blades section of your back. Our unique belt with inflatable bumpers replaces the 'Old Fashioned Tennis Ball" approach and keeps most people side sleeping.

And many times, side sleeping for snoring suffers can really help you improve your sleep and your overall health.

But treating old habits like your "preferred sleeping position" is not an easy thing to change. Wearing our belt to get a good night's sleep is good for your health.

We've heard stories of how customers have used our belt, have used an oral appliance or use both the CPAP machine and our bumper belt. But, how do you go about sharing those stories that we were given permission to use, when privacy is important to everyone using the Internet? 

I combine bits and pieces of real circumstances and blend it into a tiny snippet of a fictional portion of the blog post. So here we go, these are stories from the Diary of a Snorer.


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