5 Best Pillows for Side Sleeping to avoid snoring and sleep apnea

If you want to sleep on your side in comfort, choose a full size pillow thick enough to support your head while keeping you spine in a straight neutral position.  

In this blog post, we review the five best pillows for side sleeping based on function, design, comfort, price and shipping availability.  Shipping can be a hidden and sometimes exorbitant cost with bulky large side sleeping pillows.  When making your decision, be weary of the return policy or you might be hooped with a nasty return shipping cost. 

If you are researching side sleeping and the best pillows to help you stay on your side, a quick google search will reveal this is a crowded market.  Side sleeping pillows come in lots of shapes and sizes and price variance.  It can be difficult to decipher which pillow is best for you and your unique sleeping needs. 

We recommend taking a simple approach to evaluate your needs and decide which side sleeping pillow will work best for you, your body shape, size, sleeping arrangements while delivering the very best in lateral support and comfort. 

Considerations in your research

  • Do you need to keep this purchase within a tight budget?
  • Where in the world are you / hot or cold climate? 
  • Are you close to physical store or will you buy online and ship it?
  • How big or small is your bed
  • Do you have enough physical space in your bed for a big body pillow? 
  • Do you have any physical restrictions or limitations that might impact your ability to sleep on your side? Sore shoulders, sore hips or sore knees? 

While doing your research, consider the longer term maintenance and wash-ability of your preferred side sleeping pillow.  We recommend a pillow with a removable and washable pillow case - like this Memory Foam Pillow with Arm Hole for side sleeping -

Ergonomics and comfort are both essential to your success.  Consider this fantastic full body side sleeping pillow often used by women during pregnancy .  This moon shaped pillow offers excellent body ergonomics and provides support between your knees and wraps infant of your body to support your upper arm and elbow helping keep you in a side or lateral sleeping position.   

While we rate this whole body pillow a 5 star, it also has some limitations.  Consider how much space you have on your mattress and if you can comfortably fit another ‘body like’ shape pillow.  

Consider your height, make sure the pillow is correctly sized for your torso or you will regret the purchase with a short pillow jabbing your bottom all night. 

Wayfair promotes a C Shaped pregnancy pillow with removable pillow case and if you have enough space in your bed this can be a comfortable choice. 

Bob Vila has this fantastic looking pillow we would love to try.  

bob vila side sleeping pillow Empire S3


Brookstone promotes a unique Shoulder Pillow - Memory Foam relief for side sleepers - link

side sleeping pillow for side sleeper and relief from surgery and shoulder pain


We give this one 5 Stars for this ergonomic comfort pillow the Inspire Uplift.  Similar to the full body, but only half the size and nothing to mess with between your knees.  At only $29, this pillow is a great deal. 

Ergonomic Comfort Pillow


Do UPS, FedEx and DHL ship to your home?  Pillows can be bulky and shipping costs can easily be more than the pillow.  Give extra thought to the return policies and make sure you can return your pillow for a refund without having to spend $100 shipping the bulky pillow back. 

Hot and Cold sleep preferences are important when evaluating pillows and ensuring long term success.   This Polar Tropic Pillow offers some of the best in wicking and maintaining a comfortable body temperature. researched and published a very detailed list of the best side sleeping pillows in 2022.  Near the conclusion of their research, they note ''side sleepers usually need a medium to high loft pillow in order to keep their head, neck, and spine in proper alignment. This usually means using a pillow that is at least 4 inches thick.'' 

My personal preference and my go-to side sleeping pillow for the last 6 years is this Hush Hybrid pillow.  Although it is not marketed specifically for side sleeping, I have personally enjoyed this pillow and the rebound cushioning it has provided for 6 years without loosing any comfort.  I have been sleeping on my side for the last sixteen years wearing a positional bumper belt.  When I don’t have my preferred pillows and my perfect side sleeping ergonomic position just right, I will wake up with sore shoulders and knees.  My wife likes to laugh at my princess requirements for pillows, pillows and more pillows, however, I often wake up and observe she has stolen one or two of my favorites… 

Take your time to find the best pillow.  

Don’t be shy to try all shapes and sizes.

Remember to purchase one with a washable pillow case. 

And when you are travelling, don’t be shy to ask the hotel staff for an extra pillow or two for your room.  Hotels often stock a few extra ‘skinny’ and ‘thick’ pillows to assist you in achieving a comfortable sleep. 

Once you find the perfect pillow, consider measuring or ‘quantifying’ your sleep success.   Measure your success and then monitor your success over time.  If the pillow stars to shrink or not work, make a change, try another pillow.  Everyone deserves a great sleep and pillows can help you achieve a great sleep . Sleeping on your side can help you breath easier. reduce your snoring and sleep apnea and help you wake up feeling refreshed.  

The verdict, try a few pillows and don't give up too early.  You will spend almost half you life sleeping so take some time and find the perfect pillow to help you sleep comfortably on your side.